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Secure Business Credit Application

Use this application only if you are applying for credit in the name of your Company.
Do not use this application if your company has been in business less than 3 years.

Company Information:

Legal Form Under Which Business Operates: *

Desired Equipment:

Applicant / Representative Information:

Primary Company Principal Responsible for Business Transactions:

Additional Company Principal Responsible for Business Transactions:

Credit History:

Bank References:

Trade References:

I/We certify that all information entered in this application is true and complete. This request is for an AI Trailer Lease Inc billing account. I/We authorize Fleet Leasing to obtain further information concerning the credit and financial condition of the corporation, principal owner, proprietors, or partners; and to exchange or provide information with other credit grantors. I/We agree to pay the amount invoiced in full and will provide a separate financial statement upon request. If my (our) business is a corporation, I (we) agree to be personally responsible as guarantor for any purchases made by the corporation. 
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